UNIQUE SCHOOL PROJECT was founded in 2001 by, Mbonweh Women’s Development Association.

Our Vision

In Unique, we believe that empowering youths will have a tremendous impact on the entire community. Every person has an inborn worth and can contribute to human development. If all youths can treat one another with dignity, respect and empathy then we can provide each other with opportunities...

Our Objectives

The Unique school project was created ; To provide early childhood care and education

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“To give hope, love and a good quality education to vulnerable, poor village children orphans and children in crises situations”

“Eliminate gender disparities by encouraging the village girl child to stay in school and achieve an education”

“To lay down the ground work of subsequent academic pursuits.”

“To build a centre for the initiation of youth into the use of locally available resources and talents to earn a living (technical /vocational training).”

“Empower vulnerable and disadvantaged youth, both urban and rural, with life skills for self￾controlled socio-economic insertion and sustainability”


Permanent Staff


Expert Teachers


Children under training


Badges graduated

Our Activities

Bilingual Program

Currently we run a full time bilingual nursery and primary school (Unique Nursery and Primary School ) We are providing free education to orphans (tuition, books, schooluniforms, feeding and healthcare)

Vocational Education

We are currently in the process of the Unique Vocational education which we believe is to impact technical skills (Computer ICT,Wood work, Electricity, Sewing & Catering, Arts and Crafts etc..

Free Education

Through the assistance of International friends we enroll Vulnerable children, provide them books, uniforms and one meal a day. These children are receiving the support and care they desperately need, while attaining an education that will allow them to grow into successful, independent adults.

Construction of Unique School Project.

Step 1: Construction work began in the year 2001, with the laying of the foundation stone of the Nursery Primary sections of the project.
Step 2:In the year 2004, with the assistance of the German Embassy in Cameroon, a block building of seven classrooms was completed.
Step 3:Later in the same year another block which containeda big hall, two offices, a kitchen and toilets was constructed with the assistance this time of the British High Commission.
Step 4:A computer laboratory was partly equipped in the year 2012 by Crossroads International, and CART of England has been equipping the project with books for the Library and Benches for the classrooms.


MBONWEH- Unique School Child Sponsorship Program was created in 2006 by a British Volunteer Ms. Wendy Drake Saker.